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Sustainability in the events industry continues to be one of the most talked-about topics when discussing environmental concerns.

Being based on our cherished River Thames, we care deeply about taking care of our environment and actively encourage our staff and crew to do everything they can to minimise their carbon footprint. We would like to take this opportunity to share just a few examples of how we work hard to minimise our impact on the environment as a company.

Reducing the use of plastics

The scourge of single-use plastics has been at the forefront of concerns since it was brought to light in the groundbreaking documentary Blue Planet II, with up to 70% of Britons in favour of banning them altogether. We avoid these wherever possible in favour of glass on board our events and our office staff have been given their own reusable steel water bottles.

Plastic straws have recently been front page news, with companies such as McDonald's ditching them in favour of paper straws. We're pleased to say we have been using them across our fleet for some time already.

Use of public transport

Many of the piers we use throughout London are located close to excellent public transport links, such as rail and underground stations, and even cable car! We encourage charterers and their guests to use these options to help make their journey quicker, easier and in turn reducing their carbon footprint.

And of course our floating venues are able to call at piers as convenient as possible to the travelling group’s location, potentially saving countless separate guest commutes to a static venue.

Sustainably sourced food

Genuine sustainability is ingrained in the ethos of our award-winning caterers FoodbyDish. Where their food is sourced, how it is farmed, reared, harvested, produced and delivered is of paramount importance, and they always aim to source as locally as possible. Meat is only bought from butchers and farms accredited by the RSPCA Freedom Food Initiative. More information about FoodbyDish's commitment to sustainability can be found on their website.

Recycling waste

All waste generated from events on board our vessels is transported to a dedicated waste transfer centre via river. Using tugs and barges on the Thames is far more environmentally friendly than clogging up London's roads with refuse lorries. Once at the waste transfer centre, recyclable materials are extracted and dealt with accordingly.

We also operate a strict recycling policy in our offices.

Cleaner fuel and onboard efficiency

Our fleet is powered by one of the cleanest fuels available, and we are currently working towards adopting even more efficient fuels that will greatly reduce emissions.

We are in the process of rolling out the use of low energy LED lighting throughout the inside and outside of all vessels. Last but by no means least, we take great pride in decorating our pier and vessels with trees and plants to improve both the visual settings and air quality!

We are continuously working hard to become even more environmentally friendly and improve sustainability both on and offshore. We will share updates on any major changes in the way we operate, so stay tuned to our website to find out more.

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