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Discover our sumptuous new 2017 menus, the tastiest on the Thames!

Think back to any event, party or function you've attended in the past.

We would hazard a guess that one of the main things you do recall is what you ate and drank. It is crucial to any event and can make or break your guests' experience.

We recognise this here at TLC. It's why we put so much thought into creating truly memorable selections in conjunction with our world-class caterer, Food by Dish.

So we are absolutely thrilled to share with you our incredible new menus for 2017, featuring a wide range of delicious options perfect for any occasion on the River Thames. From delectable canapés to signature dinners and everything in between, there's a host of irresistible options for you to explore.

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We would also love to take this opportunity for you to get to know our caterers that little bit better, helping you to understand why the food on board Thames Luxury Charters is uniquely special.

A little about Food by Dish

With over 20 years' award-winning experience, Dish are one of London's leading contemporary event caterers. They've catered for countless events across some of the city's most prestigious venues, which of course includes our luxurious fleet.

They boast all the right ingredients; a subtle blend of modern culinary expertise complimented by progressive menu design, traditional professionalism, outstanding service, and a touch of class. We're proud to offer you their selection of contemporary and creative menus.

Bespoke menus

Our head chef boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience and has designed these elegant and innovative menus to work aboard any of our vessels. We understand that each event is unique, so if you have a particular style of food in mind we would be delighted to discuss this with you and create a suitable bespoke menu.

Locally sourced

Dish follows a strict sustainability policy and always aims to use seasonal ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Poultry for events comes from Hertfordshire, while beef comes from Bedfordshire and lamb is from Kent. Halal meat can be sourced on request.

Should you require information on allergens present in any of our dishes, please contact a member of the team who will be able to assist you.

We guarantee you'll be delighted with what the Thames' tastiest partnership has to offer, so make sure you check out our new menus and enquire about chartering your TLC vessel today to experience them.

It's wonderful on water. We look forward to welcoming you on board!