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Everyone's talking about weddings again - and this is why

Weddings are in the news again!

Well, they’re always in the news in the TLC office – but now they’re all over the national newspapers! Specifically, it’s the timing of them – because it looks like the long-standing tradition of having your big day on a Saturday is beginning to wane.

The popularity of Thursday weddings is soaring: an estimated 21,700 took place on that day of the week last year – about 6,000 more than in 2008. There’s also been a 43% increase in the last five years of insurance being taken out on Thursday nuptials.

That’s a lot of midweek “I do’s!”

The new statistics are due to cost-conscious couples seeking better deals and value for money, as the hiring of midweek wedding venues is often much cheaper than weekend ones.

Which is why we’re very pleased to remind you that having your wedding reception on a Thames Luxury Charter vessel is exceptional value for money on every day of the week!

We know how important one of the biggest days in your life is to you, regardless on what day of the week it’s held on. There’s always an immense amount of thought, planning and preparation that goes into making it perfect.

We host many wedding receptions every year across on board the Erasmus, Dixie Queen, Elizabethan and Edwardian – the most elegant and beautiful fleet on the River Thames. It gives our dedicated events team unique experience of arranging completely bespoke receptions in one of the world’s most exclusive locations: the very heart of London.

Discover what your wedding could look like on board - and if you or someone you know is planning their big day, get in touch with us and book your reception on one of London’s luxury floating event venues: the TLC fleet!