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TLC and foodbydish - the Thames' tastiest partnership!

Think back to any event, party or function you’ve attended in the past.

We bet – among the potentially hazy memories! – is that one of the main things you do fully recall is what food and drink you were served. Here at TLC, we recognise this and it’s why we put so much thought into creating truly memorable menus in conjunction with our world-class caterer, foodbydish.

We’re still very excited about this year’s new menus, which is why we want to shout from the rooftops (the TLC website will have to do for now!) about just how happy we know you’ll be with them.

We’ve already brought you right up to speed with a taste of the English wines we have on board, but we’d love you to get to know foodbydish that little bit better and understand why the food on board TLC vessels is uniquely special.

A bit about foodbydish

With over 25 years' award-winning experience, foodbydish have catered for countless events across some of London’s most prestigious venues – which of course include our luxurious fleet! We’re proud to offer you their selection of contemporary and creative menus at TLC.

They keep up with the pulse of culinary trends and take inspiration from the vast larder of world cuisine. Known for devising fun and innovative ways to serve food that will delight your charter guests, a brigade of chefs can produce everything from an imaginative cocktail selection or exotic-themed menus to a formal five-course banquet – and everything in between!

Locally sourced

Knowing exactly what you’re eating is just as important to us as it is with you. foodbydish source produce as locally as possible and know everything about their produce, from where it comes from, to how it’s farmed, reared, harvested, produced and delivered to you on board your TLC event. Food like potatoes are sourced only 30 miles away, fruit less than 60miles and lamb just 100 miles away.

Sustainable quality

Wherever possible, British and seasonal produce is used in menus designed around the ingredients of the season – all ensuring whatever you choose is of the very highest quality.

  • Dairy -All dairy is British Farm Assured and only free-range eggs from the UK are sourced
  • Fish - All fishmongers follow strict EU guidelines regarding sustainable and organic sources, while wild salmon is sourced from Alaska from another sustainable source
  • Meat - Only sourced from butchers and farms that are trusted and visited regularly. All cattle and chickens are free range, while pork is British Farm Assured – and never pumped with water!

We guarantee you’ll be delighted with what the Thames’ tastiest partnership has to offer, so make sure you check out our new menus and enquire about chartering your TLC vessel today!