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Open any newspaper or magazine, switch on the TV or go online, or simply walk down your nearest high street.

It'll take only moments for you to be bombarded with Black Friday offers, as vendors slash their prices ahead of the Christmas rush. Shoppers are out to get a "good deal".

But here at Thames Luxury Charters we do things a little differently. We won't be taking part in Black Friday and here's why...

Our prices aren't reduced because they stand for something - a phrase coined at this time of year by fashion retailer Jigsaw. We offer luxury experience, with impeccable service, all year round. Our in-house caterers, foodbydish, provide top-notch menus and use the finest ingredients throughout every season. We always work with the best suppliers in entertainment and décor.

Our boats, catering and services are honestly priced and will remain that way all year round. Clients return to us year-on-year because they know they get value for money and we won't be slashing our prices after they have booked.

If you'd like to experience this for yourself, we still have some festive dates available! We won't be taking part in Black Friday, but we can guarantee great value for money and a Christmas party to remember.

It's wonderful on water. Contact our Events Management Team today and begin your journey on the river...